Inspired by a special magic that is only found in South America, Vergara Collection radiates colour, fun and happiness. You just have to wear one of our beautiful pieces to feel the same passion and energy that motivated the creation of this unique Melbourne based online fashion store that is unlike any other in Australia. The creativity and natural beauty of South America’s vibrant flora and fauna, combined with elegant and contemporary style inspires the stunning jewellery, swimwear, underwear and accessories that you can purchase from Vergara Collection. 

Behind the brand is founder Carolina Vergara, and the collection exudes her precious and stylish Colombian heritage. All pieces that are available from Vergara Collection are handpicked by Carolina and she carefully sourced the range of prominent South American designers behind each product to ensure they were the right fit for the brand. Vergara Collection is driven by a passion for beautiful, high quality, fair trade fashion accessories that honour their materials and locality, and the label brings together designs from 11 renowned Colombian nationals who emulate these qualities through every original piece they create.

Vergara Collection’s exclusive pieces are handmade, created using traditional and artisanal techniques and all designs take inspiration from the wealth of beautiful nature and wildlife found in Colombia. Some items reflect elements of nature while others make use of naturally occurring materials like precious stones, metals, crystals and flowers. Many of the designers behind Vergara Collection’s pieces work directly with indigenous tribes to create their products, which supports their communities by providing them with work and a better quality of life.

The incredible response that Carolina received from women in Australia every time she wore one of the pieces she had brought back from Colombia was what evoked her passion and dream to show Australia and the rest of the world all the beautiful things that Colombia has to offer. Already an avid fashion lover with a diverse taste drawn from experiences travelling the world, Carolina decided to make her dream a reality and bring stunning, high quality South American styles and accessories to Australia.

“Not only do I want my customers to wear beautiful, original fashion pieces, I want to encourage them to also pursue their passions,” said Carolina. “Every time you wear your Vergara Collection piece, I want you to be inspired to follow your own dreams and do what makes you happy.”

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